Ricky Gervais

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP Images

Get your game face on, Johnny Depp (and Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Allen and...all of Hollywood, really.)

Ricky Gervais, who made quite the splash—more like a cannonball, really—hosting the Golden Globes last year will return as host in January, according to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which just tweeted the news.

Well, doesn't the HFPA have a flair for the dramatic!

Last we heard, the organization was divided on inviting Gervais back for the third straight year, due to his most recent—and most controversial—showing, in which he skewered everything from Scientology to Charlie Sheen to...well, the entire Hollywood Foreign Press.

But apparently Gervais did a good job of convincing the producers that he wasn't, in fact, going crazy—but was just trying to have a laugh.

The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards takes place on Jan. 15.

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