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Heather Bormann hasn't taken kindly to being called a liar.

The Cleveland party-bus driver who has accused Matthew Fox of drunkenly punching her in the groin has filed paperwork seeking the dismissal of the actor's countersuit against her, which accuses Bormann of making the whole thing up.

She calls Fox's claim that she lied and that she was the aggressor "baseless, impertinent, scandalous, and frivolous."

In addition to wanting Fox's suit tossed out, Bormann is seeking $25,000 for her additional troubles.

She first sued the Lost star over the alleged incident in September, stating that an inebriated Fox "suddenly and without provocation" started punching her with his fists when she refused to let him join a private party that had rented her bus for the evening. Bormann said that she was parked outside a Cleveland bar when he tried to climb aboard and demanded a ride back to the Ritz-Carlton.

Police questioned Fox immediately after their encounter but no charges were ever filed. Bormann's new filing states that her initial lawsuit for damages is supported by the police report.

Fox countersued earlier this month.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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