SURVIVOR SOUTH PACIFIC, Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson

Monty Brinton/CBS

Oh, résumés and their pesky details. How easy it is to say you worked at a company for five years instead of three, or to call yourself single instead of married...

Wait, what?

Survivor: South Pacific castaway Whitney Duncan—whose show bio lists her as single and who certainly acted available for a romantic alliance with Keith Tollefson before he was sent to Redemption Island—actually got married before she left to tape the hit CBS show, People reported Friday.

So, who's the other guy, (meaning, her husband)?

A source close to musician Donny Fallgatter tells People that Duncan and Fallgatter met in June 2010 at the CMA Music Festival in Nashvile and they announced their engagement to friends and family before Duncan left to shoot Survivor this past May.

Donny Fallgatter


"Donny was totally faithful while she was gone," a friend of Fallgatter's told the magazine. "He even went to help out at her parents' house in West Tennessee a couple times."

Only after Fallgatter got a call from Duncan informing him that she was in a relationship with Tollefson did he tell people that they had been married since last summer, the friend said.

Since returning the United States, Duncan and Tollefson have been spotted together in Nashville.

"Nice rainy day in Nashville...wish I could lay on the couch & watch movies all day w my bf...too busy for that tho:( have a great day!" Duncan tweeted on Nov. 3, while on Nov. 5 she wrote, "After I burnt the slice n bake cookies, my bf kicked me out of the kitchen & took over the next batch. He's such a 'bully'. Ha."

Meanwhile, the tribe hasn't spoken yet about what really went on with Fallgatter, what Tollefson knew and what Duncan's current status is: married, single or none of the above.

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