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Thigh highs aren't just for hookers anymore. But should they be, asks Joan Rivers?

It's a question the Fashion Police crew takes very seriously.

"It works on Kim because she's kept it monochromatic. I love the suede boots with the light-colored denim," says George Kotsiopoulos of the Valentino footwear.

But whose boots should have been shelved?

It's a tie.

Kourtney Kardashian has way too many things going on with the print dress, the fur vest, the Chanel bag and the Chanel boots, says George. 

Lea Michele strikes out as well. "This would have worked on her if she wore dark jeans or black jeans to elongate her legs," explains George, "because this makes them look a bit thicker than they are and she's very tiny and very thin."

Still, the fashion flubs don't keep George, Joan or Giuliana Rancic (and her hubby Bill—T.M.I. you guys!) from giving this trend the thumbs-up.

But not everyone's feeling the love. Make it stop, says Kelly Osbourne, since thigh highs discriminate against anyone who doesn't have long skinny legs.

Bring it on or give this trend the boot? Which side are you on? Sound off below!

The Fashion Police Nov. 5 Poll
How do you feel about thigh-high boots?
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