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Team Truth has a TiVo dilemma we hope you can help us out with.

See, we love spooky series, but our DVR is quickly filling up with all the freaked-out boob-tube shows we watch every week. We adore the terrifying Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday nights, but then our scare factor has hit its quota before American Horror Story is supposed to frighten our pants off on Wednesday night!

So which proves more frightful: Real Housewives or American Horror Story?

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Let's lay out the scariest bits of each hit:

First up, there are those broads over in Beverly Hills...

Their faces don't move, but their overly plumped lips do, and these ladies sure don't hold back. Kim and Kyle Richards may be two of the scariest ladies on TV and not just because they are related to Paris Hilton. They can really shoot some diamond-studded salvos.

Look, we all got the memo that Kim is all cleaned up, but can we just say we wouldn't exactly want to get caught out at night with her alone? Her evil eye sober is on a par with Jessica Lange's dagger-stare on AHS!

Brandi Glanville, the latest Richards target, is no shrinking violet. She's been known to have a chick fight or two, if via Twitter counts! And if the RHOBH babes are reducing Brandi to tears—you know that's some serious terror. Bet she never cried over LeAnn Rimes. Well, she probably did.  

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And then there's FX's new hit, American Horror Story...

We've loved the totally WTF moments the show has provided so far: from Latex-clad serial killers to a basement dwelling (and totally pissed off) ghost to chopped up babies and everything in between. It's enough to boggle even the most Halloween-savvy viewer's mind.

And as entertaining as it is to see how deliciously evil Lange is on the show, she's only playing a character, right? Isn't she? In fact, the whole show is fakey scares, brilliant as it all may be.

So is the real-life drama of Housewives scarier than anything Ryan Murphy & Co. can script?

Sound off below and tell us which series spooks you more!

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