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Dear Ted:
Just because you are George Clooney's gal-pal you get to hike up your price for personal appearances? Wow, says a lot to me about this relationship. Can I tell folks I am your gal-pal and hike my rate up, to at least a free drink! :) So what do you think of her increase?

Dear Why The Hell Not:
Look Dimples, fame makes the world go round and if Stacy Keibler can get a couple extra bucks from prancing around with Clooney, then more power to her. She is the one who will ultimately have to nurse the broken heart she will inevitably have, so why not? Plus, you should get something for being the latest red-carpet ornament with this guy.

Dear Ted:
What's your take on the rumor of Ashley Greene and Spiderman's Reeve Carney dating? Any truth there? Reeve's such a sweet and talented guy, not to mention gorgeous! I would love to see her settle down with the right guy. I'm tired of seeing her in the tabloids for being a "serial dater."

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Dear Dater Hater:
Ashley may be hooking up with the Broadway star, but she's going to be out promoting non-stop. Doubt there is time for a Jonas replacement, but there's always time for a hook-up.

Dear Ted:

Any Glee recent Vices? How about Cory Monteith? It seems like although Lea used to be a diva, that she spends a lot of time with her Glee cast outside of work.... but you never hear about Monteith spending time with his castmates. He even had a gig at the Roxy and none of them were in attendance to support him and his band. What gives?
—Nichole G

Dear Diva Swap?:
As much as we love the Vicey ways of the entire Glee gang, Monteith is still surprising us with his stealth ways.  Doubt it will last much longer, though.  And as for drama between costars? Just because Cory doesn't spend every friggin' second with the Glee crew, doesn't mean there is any beef.  Dude really is a gentleman (most of the time, anyway).   

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Dear Ted:
Have Lorin Snifflepuss and Crescent Kumquat ever hooked up?

Dear Would Be Hot:
Nope, but that's an interesting pairing. Think we can make it happen?

Dear Ted:
I know Chris Brown is not the most likable of characters and all that, but I still think his hot mess of a life is interesting. Is Chris Brown a Blind Vice or does he have any Vicey tendencies?

Dear No Need For A Vice:
Brown's Vices are hardly a secret.  Dude can't keep his anger under control—his life is one big arrested open book. 

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Dear Ted:
So I noticed that you mentioned Glee's Dianna Agron has a Vice from the past. Can you say if it is a really shocking one for this sweet girl or just something that happened once, and now over and done, never to worry about again? Was the Vice all Di's or was another individual part of it as well?

Dear Very Vicey:
It's a shocker and there was another individual involved.  That's all I'm sayin'. 

Dear Ted:
Ashton Kutcher may be the father of January Jones' baby according to a blind item and speculation. I find the contempt Jones has expressed for Kutcher in past interviews strangely intriguing. What's that about?

Dear What Are You Smoking?:
Sorry A, but Kutcher's relaysh is already effed up enough.  If he had J.Jones' baby on the side, Demi might literally waste away.  Let's not fuel any more rumors about these two—they certainly have enough to worry about.   

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