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    Grizzly Alert! What's Up With Robert Pattinson's Facial Hair?

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    Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson Richard Beetham / Splash News

    Robert Pattinson stepped out looking more than a little rumpled at the LA airport before boarding a flight. For a Hollywood actor who made bazillions for his Twilight films, you'd think he could clean up a bit.

    Now he's really got us wondering—what's Rob tryin' to say?

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    Clearly, he's attempting his best to say:

    —I would rather have been cast as a werewolf!

    Paris wears shades, I wear whiskers, but it all means stay away!

    Kristen loves to be tickled in all the right places by my man mane!

    Or whatever.

    I mean, on possibility No. 1, we always knew Rob was a little jealous of Taylor Lautner. (Remember that camping scene when Jacob had to warm Bella up?), and that werewolf pack is pretty badass. But seriously, Rob, Twilight's almost over, so we really think you need to get over it.

    If that's not it, might it be because he just wrapped the upcoming Cosmopolis and he's trying to get some movie buzz? In the film, Rob plays a young billionaire who loses his fortune overnight—and dresses like it, too. Hey, sometimes life imitates art.

    Lastly, just remember Rob's disheveled bed-head look is what got Twi-hards swooning in the first place—so, all in all, maybe it's just in an effort to keep his Twi-fans happy. See, we knew he was a nice guy.

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