Bristol Palin

Jimi Celeste/ Press

Bristol Palin is answering the call of the wild.

While some young adults might consider celebrating their 21st birthday with a legal sampling of an alcoholic beverage, this Dancing With the Stars' veteran will be calling it an early night.

Why? So she can get up early to take part in a hobby that her mother enjoys as well (even if Aaron Sorkin isn't a fan)...

Caribou hunting.

"Bristol is working today," Palin's rep told E! News. "She will have a small get together with family and friends tonight, but it will be an early evening because she is getting up first thing in the morning to go caribou hunting."

So, not exactly what we'd expect, but after getting heckled at Saddle Ranch, we can see why Bristol would rather go out into nature than deal with a barroom full of people and guys badmouthing her mama.

We hope it's a good day out in the wilderness for her (and the caribou, too).

—Reporting by Kathleen Rhames

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