Blake Lively, Kevin Connolly

Shaun Mader/ Press; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Forget Leonardo DiCaprio. And make out partner Ryan Reynolds, for that matter.

When Blake Lively hit NYC last night, neither dude was by her side. Instead, she celebrated her best buddy Florence Welch's Interview magazine cover at a swanky Belvedere Vodka-sponsored party at the Boom Boom Room.

So did Blake spend the night blabbing about her boy troubles?


"Blake was smiling and laughing the whole time," a source inside the shindig tells us. "You couldn't tell she was dealing with a breakup."

Blake, who we're told looked "stunning as always" in black jeans, boots and a long-sleeve top, instead spent the evening attached at Flo's hip.

But the newly single lady is definitely keeping a low profile. The usually camera friendly Gossip Girl star avoided the photogs at the event last night. How very unlike Blake! Maybe she is feeling the brunt of her breakup after all.

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And while Leo is up to whatever (with whomever) Down Under, one of his closest pals was feeling the Irish love abroad...

Kevin Connolly visited Dublin's most popular tourist destination during a recent visit to Ireland: the Guinness Storehouse, of course.

What, did you think we meant St. Patrick's Cathedral?

The Entourage alum tried his hand out at pouring the perfect pint of Guinness Draught and—shocker—he was able to tackle the two-part pour in the 119.5 seconds needed to make a pint parfait.

"There's no question he has a bit o' Irish in him," one of the bar folk blabbed.

Yeah, that or he just drinks a lot of beer.

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