Hilary Swank, Hillary Clinton

Jason Kempim/Getty Images, Brian Ach/Getty Image

While nasty-mouthed politicos gab 'bout Hillary Clinton and how she's packing on the pounds in all those pantsuits, postnomination defeat, there's another Hilary with a weight situation fewer peeps are aware of. But this one's actually far more noticeable.

Double Oscar winner Hilary Swank has been making a few fancy-butt folks gasp recently at some Hollywood parties: "She's just too rail-thin," observed a fellow canapé avoider at an exclusive T-town do. Gosh, did playing Amelia Earhart for Swank's upcoming splashy bio-pic cause Chad's ex to waste away? What, did the final scene have H.S. disappearing, in more ways than one, on some isolated island in the Pacific?

Sounds painful—and not just to witness. But hold on, hons, hear Ms. S's condition, weight-wise is only just about to begin. Get on your scales, babes, and def stay tuned.

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