Sharon Osbourne wasn't off gallivanting during her recent break from The Talk.

Though she was taking a load off.

It all started when she woke up one morning and, as Sharon recalled this morning, "one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other."

Osbourne revealed on today's episode, her first show back, that she certainly wasn't off riding jet-skis naked with hubby Ozzy Osbourne.

"We didn't leave our home," she said. "The only time we left our house was when I went and had my implants taken out!"

Alas, although Sharon had talked for ages about having her breast implants removed and "made into paperweights" for Ozzy, she ended up having no choice in the matter because one of them had sprung a serious leak, resulting in lopsided breasts one morning.

"I went to a fabulous surgeon and she said to me, 'That boob there is leaking'...And it had leaked into the wall of my stomach. So all that, saying those silicones are lovely—not when it's floating over your whole stomach it's not!"

But all is OK and, as cohost Sara Gilbert pointed out, "Now her boobs are higher than mine."

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