While Khloé Kardashian Odom, the Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and a bunch of bloggers might have their doubts, Gene Simmons' son Nick wants us all to know that just because his parents' wedding was filmed for their reality show doesn't mean it wasn't 100 percent real.

"They got married two days ago, and it's funny how everyone—not everyone, but a couple people—have surmised that it's fake...and it's funny how unfake it is," he told E! News last night when we caught up with him at a Hollywood bash.

And he doesn't stop there...

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"I think just because we allowed them [A&E] to film the ceremony, people think it was some sort of staged thing but my mom [Shannon Tweed] would never allow it," the Family Jewels star, who sang at the wedding reception, said. "She's too proud!"

As she should be! The couple have two children and were together nearly 30 years before the Kiss rocker finally put a ring on it.

"Dad wears that ring. They've been together for 28 years," Nick explained. "It's not some Vegas spontaneous thing. It's been coming."

The fact that the wedding was taped was secondary, according to the younger Simmons. But that hasn't stopped some people from publicly voicing their incredulity.

"How do you get every inch [of wedding footage] on camera," Khloé (whose wedding to Lamar Odom was turned into a special for E!) wondered during her stint on the Today show earlier this week. "Like every last detail is a little too controlled for me."

—Reporting by Dan Wally

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