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You had to know this was coming.

Because here at the Awful Truth, there's nothing we love more than ogling over our favorite sexy celebs. 

Problem is, most of ‘em are just too damn hot to choose our favorite piece, so we bring you Awful's Hot Body Parts polls to help us decide who has the best boobs, butt, back and even belly button. 

First up on the list?

Eyes, of course, because they're the eyes to the soul and all that jazz.

So who will it be, Awful readers?

Are you more inclined to a blue-eyed boy like Bradley Cooper? Hell, who cares how hot the rest of him is (which, duh, it is), one beautiful look from Cooper's piercing stare, and we're already feeling limitless. Is that pun too corny? Oh well!

Not a fan of traditional blue? Then how about the exotic eyes of Mila Kunis? Ya know, the same devlish stare that made Natalie Portman go bonkers in Black Swan and made Justin Timberlake swoon in Friends With Benefits (though supposedly not in real life).

But if you're one for the softer side, perchance you prefer Emily Blunt? Her gaze is equally seductive, but the gal has a sweeter touch behind that (totally unique) light-green look. No wonder she wooed Office cutie John Krasinski

And to round-off the list? Alex Pettyfer, of course. We're suckers for his stare, and even though Alex is sporting a set of baby blues as well, his gaze has a different effect on us than Mr. Cooper. Maybe it's just the bad-boy vibe.

So which stare goes straight to your heart? Sound off, and expect lots more categories to come.

Awfuls Pick Your Part: Eyes Poll!
Which star has the best set of eyes?
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