Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood and Michael Phelps are allegedly planning a non-eating first date. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan could be text harassing Phelps. And all this means we need to cool it on the Phelps talk before the overexposure sets in.

Heidi Montag receives the least amount of free designer fashion of all the Hills girls because, well, she's Heidi Montag. This explains why she constantly wears the same pieces on the red carpet.

Also, Heidi must be pretty let down she isn't the official pick as McCain's veep. But hang in there, Heids! Go stage a photo op or something—it'll make you feel better.

We thought it was weird when Michael Jackson was rocking formal pajama wear in Vegas the other night, but now Madonna has been spotted out in public wearing a "Dancing Queen" bathrobe. Guess this is just the trend for 50-year-old pop icons.

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