It's hard to imagine what your reaction would be if you were presented with the news that dancing in your town was banned. Disbelief? Dismay?

In the new remake of Footloose, newcomer Kenny Wormald is absolutely shocked to hear that no one under the age of 18 is allowed to dance in the small town of Beaumont. But really, that isn't the most shocking thing going on in this clip. Check out the clip and see for yourself...

More than the news that dancing is a no-no, the thing that stood out to us was the dialogue. We get that some male bonding is being established here, but lines like, "Is it illegal to bang the preacher's daughter?" and "We got laws up the poop chute around here" really seem like misguided attempts at creating some edge.

Does it really add anything? And can't the sexual tension that's always dangerously close to the surface be conveyed through things like sultry gazes and hot dancing, à la the original? Do we need it spelled out for us so blatantly?

What do you think? Still feeling this remake, or will this new version stomp on the memory of a beloved classic?

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