Elizabeth Banks is feeling the Hunger Games' heat. Literally.

The actress stopped to chat with us at the Our Idiot Brother premiere and dropped a few bits on her character, Effie Trinket, and the progress being made on the highly anticipated blockbuster. So what'd she have to say?

"[Effie's] definitely a character that is externally created and not internally created," she joked with us. Remember, Effie's quite the over-the-top figure with various wild hairdos (hello bright pink and radiant orange) and outfits. "So much of it is about the hair and makeup and clothes," Banks said.

And that can't make filming an easy task. Especially on the film's Southern set: "Very hot. Don't know what we were thinking shooting in the summer in the South. Good thing nobody sweats!" she joked.

We can only imagine how intense things get when the arena itself catches fire.

Check out the video to hear more from the star on her family and all her riveting Twitter activity!

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