Twilight and The Vampires Diaries have united!

And it looks like total crapola! Maybe the flick would have been better with a few fangs, but Kellan Lutz and Nina Dobrev have combined their undead powers to bring the fighter flick Arena to theatres.

And judging from the movie's trailer that recently hit the web, these two should stick to their vamp-tastic day jobs. Especially Kellan...

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We'll give Nina a break ‘cause if you blink, you might miss her in the trailer.

As for our buff babe Kellan, well, we think it's about time he took on something serious. Or at least something with a bit of brains to accompany the brawn.

Truth is, we can't remember the last time that Kellan spent the majority of a movie wearing his shirt. And while we're excited for Immortals (his next big box office fodder), if the set pics are to be believed, Lutzy spends the majority of the epic showdown in nothing more than a loin cloth.

It's not often you hear Team Truth tell someone to keep their clothes on, huh?

We just think he's better than knock-off Gerard Butler roles (Arena looks like a made-for-TV version of Gerry's Gamer). Or at least we hope he is. Twilight surely can't be the peak of his still-young movie career.

Hate to be so harsh, seeing as we do totally heart Kellan. If not for his handsome mug, then for all the work he does for his furry friends. And anyone who sticks up for animals is A-OK in our book, which is exactly why we want him to be more than just another pretty face in Young Hollywood.

You've got it in ya, K. You do damn good work for animals, now do some good work for your damn résumé.

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