Lea Michele, Bazaar Cover

Mark Seliger for Harper's Bazaar

Rachel Berry may just be the loudest and proudest Gleek there is, but her real-life counterpart isn't exactly known for being so sing-songy.

Rumors of little miss Lea Michele's diva antics have gotten around H'town, but the girl's now defending her Gleek status in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. So what's the New Directions gal got to say about her diva stereotype?

The girl's claiming her supposed prima donna antics are 'cause she's new to the biz:

"People have to remember this is all new for us," Lea says in the mag. "We're all reasonably young, except for Cory [Monteith], who's old."

Uh, Cory's the ripe old age of 29, people. He's still a fresh little babe. We're kinda boggled, too, 'cause the Broadway girl has been a starlet for quite a while now, and in fact, has logged more years in showbiz than many "older" Gleeks. So there.

L.M. continues, saying that "I've learned some lessons, but people are going to say what they want to say. I know who I am, and I'm not perfect."

Love Lea, seriously, but since when does being brand spankin' new in the biz mean you get to be a total diva? The two don't really vibe together, sista.

Totally don't get it either, 'cause Lea's got enough talent in her freakin' pinky that she doesn't need to give the diva vibe.

No matter, 'cause after her excuses Lea eventually went on to be the self-deprecating cutie that we adore, saying about her muzzle in the upcoming 3-D Glee concert movie: "My nose is going to look fabulous."

Girl, we know it will! Now that's the way shut down some diva 'tude speculation.

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