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It's the Great Pumpkin, Teen Mom!

No, we aren't talking about Amber Portwood's orange mug: The young reality mamas and their toddlers were all about Jack-o-lanterns and costumes in tonight's angsty Halloween episode.

So who came home with candy, and who got a rock in their trick-or-treat bag?

Farrah and daughter Sophia celebrated Halloween with a visit to the pumpkin patch, thanks to an invite from Farrah's estranged sister, Ashley. "My sister and I don't always get along"—wonder why?—"but I'm glad she's making an effort to see Sophia," Farrah says haughtily. "I think it's important Sophia has an aunt in her life—nobody on her dad's side is her real aunt." (This was the only mention of Sophia's dearly departed daddy. Maybe that maudlin storyline can finally RIP?)

It's not all hayrides for culinary student Farrah: She's studying for her final exams and writing the business plan for the "Eye-talian" and Asian fusion restaurant she plans to open. Unfortunately her teachers criticize both her unique restaurant concept (saying no such fusion restaurant exists for a reason) and mom Debra's executive MBA ("higher than an MBA") contributions to her business plan. We still don't know whether Farrah's "C-effort work" resulted in the C grades she needs to graduate. No matter: Her new C-cup boobs will ensure she has plenty of other ways to provide for Sophia.

One person who is joining the exciting world of culinary arts is Tyler, hired by "Chef Dan" to work in his own not-fused-with-Asian-cuisine Italian restaurant. "I just love pizza so much!" Tyler gushes in his interview, and Chef Dan is so impressed by the free press his enthusiasm that he hires him. He's not the only one celebrating his first job; Catelynn also got a part-time gig, which at $8/hour one or two days a week might just cover her manicures, Halloween festivities and maybe part of a utility bill.

"I never thought in a million years I'd be 18, in my own place, engaged [to my brother] and paying bills!" she chirps. "Everything we want in life is coming true."

It's also nice to see Teen Mom's most mature couple recognize they made the best decision for themselves and baby Carly by giving her up for adoption. However, based on their mad babysitting skills with both little brother Nick and parolee papa Butch, these two will be excellent parents if they ever start a family.

And then there's Amber. Despite being jailed for domestic battery and neglect, we never questioned her devotion to her daughter. Her behavior in tonight's episode, however, was perplexing. She said she hadn't seen Leah (living with off-again BF Gary) because she couldn't drive, yet visits and outings with her friends and family seemed to offer plenty of opportunities for transportation. Also, why did she refuse to join Gary's mom in taking Leah trick-or-treating, when Big Daddy himself wasn't even going?

At least she rented (for an astonishing $644/month—Indiana here we come!) a beautiful big house, where Leah can stay with her—at least until Amber moves into the Big House three months later.

G.Shirl wasn't the only daddy missing trick-or-treating tonight: Ryan's plans to punish Maci backfired when she took Bentley—in an adorable (except to Farrah) Barney costume—out for Halloween herself. Ryan acted like more of an SOB than usual tonight, probably because he really is a son of a bitch. His interfering parents ruined Bentley's birthday party with their misguided rage, and we have to ask: Why weren't Ryan's mom's "guts" being "ripped out" when he virtually ignored his son for the first months of his life?

Is Ryan up to his old tricks, or is Maci being unfair? Whose costume was cutest? Share your candy in the comments!

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