Kristin Cavallari

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Dear Ted:
This "career" of Kristin Cavallari's. Um, what is it exactly? The newly unengaged Laguna Beacher hasn't been on TV since The Hills, and she's not exactly a savvy, driven businesswoman like her nemesis Lauren Conrad. So, is Kristin still getting an allowance from her daddy to support her shopping and other habits? Or does she really have some project in the works (as she's been claiming for the last two years)?
—Bright Star

Dear Questionable:
If her new project is staying fit, then yes, she's been working on that for years. Unless Kristin has got something brewing that has been kept very tightly under wraps, it seems like this newly coined single lady's career as an actress is currently at a standstill. And it wouldn't surprise me if papa Cavallari has been very generous with his little girl. But let's be a bit kinder to Kris for the immediate future: Jay Cutler was a dog to her, don't forget.

Dear Ted:
I've been utterly captivated with Carey Mulligan the past few years. She's adorable, sophisticated, charming, intelligent, chi, and talented. However, between dating Shia LaBeouf and doing her best to avoid the paps, I find myself wondering what Carey's really like. Any deets?

Dear Clean & Clear:
She's not far from your description there—just add a little dash of daring and a pinch of renegade (a side Mulligan hides quite well). But maybe something juicier will drop if Shia ever decides to blab about his past conquests again.

Dear Ted:
I agree with you that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are better together than Emma and Ryan Gosling (even though their chemistry is palpable). What I was wondering is if either Emma or Andrew have any Vicey behavior between the two of them. Emma is good friends with Taylor Swift, and Andrew is friends with a few Vicey people from across the pond.

Dear Nice or Vice:
Well, being good friends with Tay doesn't exactly reserve your spot in the B.V. big leagues. And Emma's been pretty good at keeping her rep relatively clean. But out of the two, I'd be more worried for Mr. Garfield. I hope he doesn't go the same Vicey way as a few other Brits we all know.

Dear Ted:
A lot of movies are being filmed in Louisiana, New Mexico and Utah lately. Is there a reason for that? It sounds like Hollywood knows how to keep quiet about actors' Vices on sets, so are people worried their secrets will be spilled in these flourishing film states?

Dear Travel Agent:
Sadly (or not), Vices don't disappear when you cross a state border. But look on the bright side, your fave B.V.ers might just be spreading their sexy secrets in a town near you very soon!

Dear Ted:
So how is Sally Pearlsmyth doing after her difficult year? Has she rebounded with success in her career and maybe new love?

Dear Happy Ending:
Yes and yes, though I'm wondering if some of it's not a tad forced. Babe was determined to move on, and who can really blame her?

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