Confession: I have a massive girl crush on The Office's Ellie Kemper. So when TV's most adorable redhead starts spilling one of her costars deep dark (no, really dark, as in windowless—gaah!) secrets, you best pay verrrry close attention.

At last night's NBC Universal All Star party, some of our Office faves, like Ellie, Zach Woods, Brian Baumgarner, Creed Bratton and Kate Flannery, stopped by to talk about the new season, including the show's new big boss, James Spader. And guess who is "terrified?"

All of them.

"He's intimidating," a wry-smiling Creed told me when asked about Spader. "But Creed has been around a very long time, and he probably has a dead guy in the trunk of his car, so Creed won't be too scared for long. Personally, I think Creed should stick around as the boss because who would have the nerve to fire him?"

Spader would.

Turns out, Zach's character, Gabe Lewis, is the one who should have everyone trembling. After all, there is some fan speculation that given his anger-management issues (Andy, dude, watch your back) and deep affinity for slasher flicks, he could be the Scranton Stranger. So is he? Check out the video interview above, where Ellie also outs Zach real-life secret (murderous lifestyle?!), and Ellie and Zach also talk about James joining the show. "I just hope he's not disappointed in me personally," says Ellie, to the bemusement of girls crushing on her everywhere. (For the record, I confessed my crush, she reciprocated, and I have added the video to my Ellie Kemper shrine.)

Brian Baumgartner admits he finds Spader "terrifying," and he and Kate also give us a bit more on what to expect in the other video above.

In other news, the carpet was so jam-packed with USA, Telemundo, E!, NBC, USA and SyFy stars, John Krasinski quite literally slipped through my fingers, a fact I've come to accept after spending 21 hours mourning in the fetal position. Maybe it has something to do with the restraining order he has against me? Nahhh....

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