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    Miley and Trace Cyrus Light Up Together, Kinda

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    Smoking Courtesy: All Access Photo Agency; GSI Media

    Just last week we told you Miley Cyrus had shed her scandalous adolescent ways and was beginning to behave herself.

    But, in the former Disney star's quest to polish up her tarnished image, she has one more vice to kick before parents everywhere will consider her the best of role models...


    But there's one person who may be able to help Smiley Miley get that cig out of her grin.

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    Miley's older bro and fellow musician, Trace Cyrus!

    Trace, also a smoker looking to kick his habit, has been spotted using (somewhat) healthier, electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke.

    And hopefully Trace can pass one of the fake cigarettes to his baby sis! But how do these puff sticks work?

    According to South Beach Smoke, "When you take a puff, you're not exposing yourself, or anyone else, to carcinogens, tobacco or ash, because you're simply exhaling pure water vapor."

    Well, water and nicotine, but who's counting, right?

    "Miley has been smoking for a long time," a source close to the sitch tells us. "She does it a lot socially and when she is out with friends."

    While M's rep has not returned our request for comment, let's hope South Beach Smoke sent the entire Cyrus clan a pack of the smoke sticks!

    And while they're at it, they may want to throw some over to Vanessa Hudgens, too!  We don't want the former High School Musical star to have any more cig-related freak-outs!

    Besides, Miley, Liam and that adorable puppy look like the picture of summer perfection out on the lake in Michigan—the cigarette just ruins the whole lewk!

    Honey, trust us, we know how hard it is to quit the sticks, so do it before you hit the two-pack-a-day thing.

    ‘Cause that's next.

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