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    Could Lady Gaga Cause the Next L.A. Riot?

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    We're still not over the craziness that erupted on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday after a mob of house music lovers shuffled their way into a riot because DJ Kaskade's "block party" was shut down before it started.

    (Note to self: Don't get in between ravers and their music)

    The LAPD doesn't seem to be over it either, and is taking extra precautions today as Lady Gaga takes the stage to perform for fans right across the street from where last night's debacle took place.

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    Mama Monster is set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live this afternoon and will be putting on an exclusive mini concert behind the studios, the Los Angeles Times reports.

    The area which usually holds 1,000 fans will instead fit 2,000 little monsters after show producers were allowed to remove chain-link fences at each end of the parking lot to help accommodate more fans.

    "We are asking people without tickets to stay away from the event," LAPD Cmdr Andy Smith told the L.A. Times. "We will have plenty of officers on hand to deal with anyone who acts in an unsafe or unlawful manner." Officers have been posted across each end of the small road that runs behind the famous El Capitan Theatre.

    Jimmy Kimmel also expressed some worry about tonight's show, but based on another matter. "I hope Latey Gaga makes it to the show on time tonight. ," he tweeted.

    We hope so too. If a bunch of glow sticks could cause that much damage last night, imagine what some crazy-spiked stilettos could do!

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