THE PLAYBOY CLUB, Eddie Cibrian, David Krumholtz

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Sorry, Eddie Cibrian, that smile won't work for everybody.

The actor's new series The Playboy Club is getting scolded by the Parents Television Council, which argues that the NBC series is just too racy to air on broadcast TV.

Actually, too racy is an understatement for how the PTC feels about the show. Glamorizing porn is more like it...

Council president Timothy Winter sent a letter to the network that begins with a good number of pornography statistics and its repercussions.

"About 200,000 Americans are 'porn addicts"'—meaning they spend 11 hours or more per week looking at pornography."

After detailing the damage that porn can bring onto a family, individual or community, Winter mentions the main point of his address: The Playboy Club.

"Putting a veneer of sophistication on an industry that exploits women and destroys families is not laudable, it is disgraceful. In what manner does such the airing of such material reconcile with your public interest obligations as a broadcast licensee?" he writes.

"Whatever positive spin you may wish to put on the series, it is undeniably a betrayal of the trust you have built over the years with America's families—the owners of the broadcast airwaves that you will be using to force this content into the living rooms of every family in your community."

The PTC also accuses the show of breaking the law by not meeting FCC standards, which will be their target of attack should the show continue to air.

"Be assured that the Parents Television Council will be carefully reviewing every episode and will urge its members to file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission about any content that may be in violation of broadcast decency laws."

PTC is urging viewers to take preemptive action by telling their local NBC affiliates they'll boycott the show. The watchdog group notes that financial donations to PTC are welcome to their cause, too.

A Utah affiliate has already cut the show from their programming, saying its subject matter doesn't coincide with their socially conservative community, so will Los Angeles be next?

Granted L.A.'s not the most—if at all—conservative city, but if the PTC gets enough uproar and spreads their fury, LeAnn Rimes might have to pack up (again) and head home with her too-hot-for-TV hubby.

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