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Are Jax & Tara Breaking Up on Sons of Anarchy? The Answer May Surprise You

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Star-cross'd lovers, thy names are Jax and Tara. 

The relationship between Sons of Anarchy's fan-favorite couple (played by the not-ugly Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff) has been threatened by murder, kidnapping, infidelity and downright sabotage by those who disapprove of the romance between the physician and outlaw biker.

But can the lovebirds survive Jax's 14-month prison sentence? Showrunner Kurt Sutter and star Charlie gave us the answer this weekend at Comic-Con…

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And we have great news, Tax fans! (Huge mistake, we'll never call them that again.) When we spoke to him before yesterday's Comic-Con panel, Sutter reassured us, "That relationship, when Jax comes out [of prison], it's going to be stronger than it's ever been before."

Even better, Sutter added, "If anything, prison has given [Jax] a better appreciation of what he has at home."  

Including the new baby joining big brother Abel, whom Jax nearly lost last season.  

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Charlie told us, "Jax really gets some time to think while he is in prison about where his priorities lie, and I think the huge epiphany is that his family are far more important to him than the club—which I think surprises even him. He realizes that his two children are the most important things to him and he'll do anything to protect them. That's really a lot of what he goes through this season and the fallout of some of the decisions he makes."


Are you as revved up as we are about season four? Sons of Anarchy returns Sept. 6 on FX. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more SOA scoop from Sutter and the cast at Comic-Con.

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