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So much happened in the season two finale of The Vampire Diaries that we couldn't wait to grill the cast on how season three opens up. Damon and Elena kissed! Stefan took off with Klaus! And what's going on with Tyler and Caroline?

It must have been the spirit of Comic-Con, because Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and other cast members were more than happy to share some of what's coming up in season three.

And that is exactly why we love the Con so much…

When we asked Nina about Elena's status with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in the season premiere, she revealed that they'll both be too involved with finding Stefan to really explore what happened between them last season. With that being said, you should all know that the first sneak peek at season three involved Elena trying to leave the house, and Damon walking into the room wearing nothing but bubbles. Seriously.

Joseph Morgan, who plays the wonderfully evil Klaus, assures us that even though there's a two-month time jump from where the finale left off, we will bear witness to Klaus and dark Stefan wreaking havoc. Morgan said it involved picking out curtains and going dancing, but we have a feeling he was hiding something much more sinister.

Meanwhile, Candice Accola offered this little tease concerning Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino): "They do have a scene together in the season premiere."

Much more scoop from those guys later, but for now, just enjoy this roundup of TVD panel highlights:

When it comes to Team Damon vs. Team Stefan, executive producer Kevin Williamson would only say this: ""Katherine said to Elena at the end of the season, 'It's OK to love both of them.' And we'll just see what that means. For you Team Damon fans, Williamson reminded fans that "There are too may things in the way for them to just run into each other's arms right away." However, Somerhalder did add "they could zigzag" into each other's arms.

• Accola had a Team Tyler T-shirt to show to the crowd, but she kept pretty mum about those two finally being together. But the season premiere will reveal whether Tyler and Caroline's friendship had blossomed.

• Elijah may be "dead," but he's not going anywhere. Julie Plec was adamant about making sure fans knew Daniel Gilles was returning to TVD next season.

Steven McQueen wasn't at Comic-Con, but show creator Plec did talk a bit about his storyline next season involving seeing the ghost of girlfriends' past. "This is not just a supernatural consequence. It's an emotional consequence," she says. "Not only are we going to be able to tell a cool and creepy ghost story, but a tough emotional story as well."

Only one day left of the convention in San Diego, so keep checking our Comic-Con page for scoop on Glee, Supernatural and more!

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