Andrew Garfield, Spiderman

John Schwartzman/Columbia Pictures

Comic-Con 2011 Tile

Who was that annoying fan who just had to ask a question before The Amazing Spider-Man panel had even started?

Oh, just Andrew Garfield.

The British star of the rebooted series thrilled fans—many of whom had waited assure themselves a seat in massive Hall H—by showing up in a cheesy, pajamas-esque costume, mask and all, to kick things off with a bang.

And after some exclusive non-3-D (that's how hot off the camera it was) footage, the aptly named director Marc Webb confirmed who Spidey's nemesis will be...

Lizard, Spiderman, Rhys Ifans

Marvel Comics; Jesse Knish/Wireimage

It is, as speculated, Dr. Kirk Connors, aka Lizard, played by Rhys Ifans—who showed up a little later as another surprised for the scoop-hungry crowd.

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