Ex-Disney starlet Demi Lovato has bounced back!

After premiering her video "Skyscraper" right here on E! and quickly becoming a trending topic on Twitter, the singer is once again hitting the social scene.

Last night, Demi hit HTC's Social Status launch party in L.A., where she spilled more deets on her new album.

"I'm actually doing a duet on my album," she said. "It's with an R&B artist, so you'll have to wait and find out who it is."

The good news is, we won't have to wait too long...

"I'm almost finished with it," she told E! News' Michael Yo. "We have like 20-something songs. We're gonna have to cut it down, but we're still working."

Demi sat down with our own Ryan Seacrest last week for a tell-all interview, in which she opened up about her recent struggles and revealed that her album will shed light on those past experiences.

"There are some [topics] on there that are very deep and it's really out there," Dem said. "I'm singing about some issues that I've never even spoken about before. So I'm going there."

Well, she's already bravely spoken up about her struggles with cutting, along with her bipolar and eating disorders, so we're curious to see what demons she hasn't discussed yet.

But don't expect a totally dark album all about her rocky past.

"For the rest of it, there are a lot of songs that are dancier and a lot more R&B vocals. You'll have to wait and find out!" she divulged.

Sounds like an album you can have a serious cry session after a terrible breakup and then blast while you get ready to go out with your single girlfriends. Count us in, Demi!

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