James Franco


You had better watch your back, Kristen Stewart, because James Franco has eyes for your man.

OK, it may be strictly in the professional sense, but it's clear that James wants to work with Robert Pattinson. Franco recently gushed in an interview with Playboy that he has tried to work with R.Pattz on more than one occasion.

Oh, James, your man crush is showing!

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You may remember that Franco created a submission for the Venice Biennale, an invitation-only art festival. His submission, Rebel, was intended to be a tribute to the film Rebel Without a Cause. Mind you, this is the same event for which Franco filmed that fight surrounded by naked chicks wielding knives and that he carved his late costar Brad Renfro's name into his right arm using a switchblade. All in the name of art, mind you. At least he's dedicated.

And for some unknown reason, he just knew the project wouldn't be perfect, sans Robert Pattinson. Maybe it was the blood. But when Rob was contacted about participating, he replied back simply, "I don't get the point." Ouch. He literally put his blood, sweat and tears into this project, Rob! You couldn't throw the poor guy a bone?

But that didn't stop ol' Jamesy. He also spilled to the mag that he had wanted to be in Breaking Dawn. And you should hear his reasoning.

Try not to get too confused: According to Franco, he was working with a Yale classmate who had written a play where its characters were putting on a production of Twilight and he was a part of the cast. He had his agent approach Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon because he wanted to make the play a reality.

This is seriously getting way too meta for us, so just come out and say you wanted to work with Rob, Mr. Franco.

It's actually a shame he didn't get cast. We could totally see James being a stoned partygoer at Edward and Bella's wedding. Seems like just his scene.

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