We fully expect Captain America to be a badass warrior, fearless in the face of any foe and impending danger. But we wouldn't expect the guy to be a multi-instrumentalist and—gasp!—a tap dancer!

Turns out that's exactly what our hero Chris Evans is capable of. So what's his instrument of choice...And where did this musical ability come from?

Hang on to your shield, because it's quite the impressive list.

"I do play some intstruments. I play the piano and the guitar, and I can probably fake the drums." Oh, is that all he does? Actually, no. Turns out the guy's got some moves:

"I do tap-dance," Evans tells us. "We grew up tap-dancing. My mother was a dancer for a long time. We had a tap floor in our basement. So my brothers and sisters and I got lessons. We were the Von Trapps." If only he were serious about that last part it could potentially make for some interesting sequels.

Check out the rest of the video to hear more from the shield-wielding superhero, like how all the CG work needed to slim him down to a 98-pound weakling added hours to the day, what the hardest part about bulking up is and why his bulldog is the focal point of his day.

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