Shera Bechard

George Pimentel/WireImage

Hugh Hefner is wasting no time moving on after ex-fianceé Crystal Harris got cold feet and left him.

And he's only had to look next door to his Holmby Hills mansion...

In addition to dating Crystal's best friend, Anna Berglund, since last week's split, a Playboy Mansion insider reveals that the prolific Hef has added a new Playmate to the mix. Her name is Shera Bechard, a blond (sometimes brunette) model who moved into the mansion-adjacent Bunny House in April.

"Shera jumped at the chance [to be with Hef]," says our source, adding that Shera is currently Hef's No. 2.

Hef, who still considers himself "single," per the insider, played cards at the mansion Tuesday night with Shera, Anna and other Playmates.

As for Crystal, Hef is allowing her to keep the diamond engagement ring, as well as the Bentley he bought her.

She has returned to L.A. from her weekend trip to Vegas and has been in contact with Shera (also a Crystal pal) and Anna.

Crystal even tweeted Tuesday night that was looking forward to seeing Anna and other friends at Disneyland on Wednesday. While she later deleted the tweet, she still could be headed to teh Happiest Place on Earth but doesn't want to unduly upset Hef by hanging with his current companions.

As for the split?

Says our source: "Crystal isn't upset about any of it."

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