Guess Who

Who knew a Star Wars stormtrooper could be so beguiling?

While in Buenos Aires taping a TV show, this evil minion of the Empire voluptuous vixen has been making the most of her time.

The Death Star-let was out partying last night, and that's when she decided to see what it's like to play on Darth Vader's team.

As a joke, we're sure.

So who is the galactic bombshell sure to be a Force in the mind of every male Star Wars fan's mind?

Pamela Anderson; Hellmuth Dominguez,

Pamela Anderson!

The Dancing With the Stars alum is currently a contestant on Argentina's dance contest, Bailando Por Un Sueno and has been spotted out and about.

As to why she decided to try on the helmet?

Well, why not? Love the new look, Pamela!

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