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Have you noticed anything different about Justin Bieber lately? Other than the fact that he and girlfriend, Selena Gomez, appear to be glued at the hip...or mouth?

A recent Hawaiian vacay with Selena revealed more than the young popstar's bod: some new ink, the word Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) tattooed along his not exactly manly ribcage. Justin also showed off a new piercing at the MTV Movie Awards, sporting black studs in both ears.

Wait, doesn't this sound a little like another former golden-child we all know who also went from cute teen to wild child overnight?

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We're talking about Miley "I give old men lap dances" Cyrus, of course.

We happen to know Justin has intimately discussed this game plan for a more rebel-boy side of fame with none one other than Ms. Miley herself—that we know for a fact. As we all know, Miley went from Disney Channel star to being voted Worst Celebrity Influence two years in a row. A feat we suspect she's proud of.

And according to other gossips, Justin has apparently undergone enough changes that his family is concerned. Can you blame them? Their once just-a-YouTube-sensation son is now high profile enough to get slammed by Eminem. But we're not just talking about changes in his physical appearance.

Still more sources claim that the Canada native has lost his accent and doesn't even sound like himself anymore. What's all that "aboot," Justin? Learned some new lingo, eh? And then there's Jelena going a billion miles per hour. However, the parentals have approved of Selena because of her "good-girl" rep.

Bottom line: Looks like we should all prepare ourselves for a male Miley 2.0—that is, if he hasn't already arrived.

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