Not everyone thought Khloé Kardashian Odom's accidental nipple overexposure on television was a laughing matter.

Like her husband Lamar Odom, for one.

"He wasn't very happy. It was an accident," Khloé told E! News last night at the Forbes 100 party in L.A.

"I didn't have a bra, but the front was solid and the side was sheer. And when I sat it shifted," she explained. "As soon as I was done, I double side-taped, so the rest of the day I had no mix-ups."

"The rest of the day!" said Lamar in mock surprise.

In typical Khloé fashion, she found a way to make light of the situation. "I laughed it off...and he was like 'And you're laughing about this?' I can't dwell on it and cry and be like, 'Woe is me!'"

Count on Khloé to look on the bright side.

"It wasn't my down-there, so be very grateful," she added.

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