Trace Adkins

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

The song "After the Fire Is Gone" may have a whole new meaning after today for country music star Trace Adkins.

That's because the singer's Brentwood, Tenn. home burned down earlier today while he was traveling to Alaska.

Here's what happened...

WSMV reports that Adkin's wife Rhonda was not at home during the blaze, but her children and their nanny were. Luckily, the family had set up a fire plan previous to the incident, which helped everyone get out safely.

"He's gonna freak. He's probably gonna think I'm dead," Rhonda told the Tennessean before Trace had been reached (he's yet to make an official statement). "You can replace things, not people," Mrs. Adkins continued. "I'm just glad that my children are safe."

Brentwood Fire Chief Brian Goss says they are unsure as to what caused the fire but believe it started in the garage. He also says the fire crews will be there through most of the night because the fire reached the attic and made it harder to contain.

However, not everyone made it out without a scratch.

It's reported that a neighbor rushed over to help the family dog, who bit him out of fright. He is at the hospital recovering. The neighbor, that is. The dog is fine.

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