Shia LaBeouf, Transformers

DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures

What he really wants to do is direct. Apparently.

You don't work with Steven Spielberg without picking up a tip or two, and Shia LaBeouf showed off his directorial skills in Kid Cudi's new music video, "Marijuana."

How'd Shia do? Check out the video after the jump...







More grainy travelogue and home video mashup than actual themed video (well, unless you count smoking up as a theme), the vid follows Cudi and his friends while lighting up and otherwise creatively partaking of the substance with friends in Amsterdam's Red Light District (never mind that he publicly declared his sobriety earlier this year).

Thanks to a couple Hitchcockian cameos, we know that Shia was among the pals rolling with the rapper, and not only shot, but directed and edited the video himself.

While it seems an unusual pairing at first, the duo has long formed a mutual admiration society, with Cudi once declaring that Shia was "killing s--t, I feel like I'm doing the Shia LaBeouf in music."

So, did Shia kill it this time?

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