Jennifer Garner Ring

Gregg DeGuire/

With the recent wave of huge celebrity engagement rings, I got to thinkin': Do famous couples even pay for their rocks? 

Celebrities get all sorts of things for free as long as the company gets credit. Designers send clothes by the truckload hoping that stars will be photographed wearing one of their pieces and if so they are usually gifted all the clothes. Car dealerships and companies have been known to give a celeb a free car, and at the very least a great deal as long as they are photographed in it.  Also purses, skin care, vitamins...the list goes on.

Now, really expensive jewelry is lent to celebrities (and in full disclosure I also wear borrowed jewels). But the bigger stars are also gifted extravagant pieces, so why not an engagement ring? When a celebrity gets engaged, the first thing everyone asks is how big? And who designed it? So why wouldn't a designer want to get in on the bandwagon?

Many stars have rings that are valued from $500,000 up to $2 million, but it never really says what they paid for it. My question is, does a free ring from your fiancé have less meaning than one he worked hard to buy for you? But to be fair, those rings sure do look pretty.

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