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    Robert Pattinson Serenades Lucky Listeners With Soulful Song

    He acts! He sings! What's next, the Robert Pattinson dance video?

    In this recently unearthed video from January 2010, R.Pattz gets downright soulful as he gives an impromptu performance to a lucky group of listeners at a "Songs from a Room" popup show in New York City.

    So what does the Twi-hard sing about?

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    "It's All On You," is the name of R.Pattz's song. And um, he's kind of good.

    Giving us his best folk-rock twang, Pattinson croons:

    "It's all on you, baby / You turned your back when I tried to learn / Still I cannot lift my eyes / If your hands are turning mine / But you dared not / What you said our souls could contain / They could contain / But now I'm gone / With a broken twisted soul in mind / But for how long?/ 'Cause I've wasted this train of youth all on you, all on you."

    After the recent Robsten lovefest, we don't think these sad lyrics about Kristen Stewart. But who's the "you" it's all on?

    Rob's penchant for singing a sad song shouldn't come as a shock to even the tiniest Twi-Hards. Whether schlepping his guitar through airports around the world or singing on the Twilight soundtrack, music has been on this dude's mind as much as landing K.Stew. And now that he's checked off his list, looks like Rob has time to tackle other goals.

    How long do we give it before Rob records an album? Place your bets here!

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