Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge


Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller? Are they serious or just casual? I really like how he stayed away from all things Hollywood. Plus, I think they really look good together.

Dear London Calling:
Just ‘cause they're still attached at the hipster hip doesn't mean these two are getting serious. Sure, they're hot together—tho can't say I'm liking the grizzly mountain man beard Tommy's sporting these days—but it's only a matter of time before Vicey ways and the usual drama of Sienna's relayshes catches up with them.

Dear Ted:
I am loving the morning and afternoon Bitch-Backs, but I am worried about you being up at 3:30 in the morning! You need some well deserved sleep babe! Is there any chance Shellack Attack is the one and only Brooklyn Decker?

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Dear Shell Shock:
Gossip never sleeps, sweet-puss! Not a bad guess for naughty miss Shelly, but you're a bit off. Shelly doesn't rely on her looks nearly as much as Brooklyn does.

Dear Ted:
I just finished The Hunger Games. I loved the books so much, as much as Twilight, and I am a self-professed Twi-hard. I just can't help thinking that the cast for the movie is all backward. I cannot imagine the blue-eyed, blonde haired Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Personally, I think Kristen Stewart would have made a perfect Miss Everdeen. Also, the boys, by looks shouldn't Liam Hemsworth be Peeta and Josh Hutcherson Gale? At first I thought IMDb was mistaken. Am I being shallow and only looking at appearances? Maybe their acting skills make them well-suited for their roles. I don't know. I just wanted to see what you thought.

Dear Casting Poop:
Don't you remember all the Twi-hards freaking out when Robert Pattinson was cast as their precious Edward Cullen? Total chaos, and look at how that worked out. Just give ‘em a shot. They've all got oodles of talent. And they're hot, so worst case scenario: two hours of eye candy.

Dear Ted:
My currently sick little husky Taylor and I were wondering about the lovely Darren Criss. And I was wondering is he as sweet as he appears? I've seen some interviews and something about that boy...Maybe it's the fact that he graduated from the university I attend. I don't know, but tell me, Ted, for little Taylor and I, is he worth our sighs and swooning happy faces?

Dear Glee-ming for Goods:
Darren is indeed a pretty cool guy. He hasn't bought into the Glee fame nearly as much as some of his more divalicious castmates. No Vices yet, if that lets you and poor little Tay sleep well at night. Kisses to the pup, hope he feels better!

Dear Ted:
Is Veronica Bee-Stings Julie Benz? I hope not. I love the babe, but I heard some things about her and Michael C. Hall.

Dear What's the Bzzzz:
Funny you should mention V—we were just talking about her. But it's not Julie and Michael C. Hall. Veronica's gotten her claws into a new man of late—even newer than her Vicey lover. Can you guess who?

Dear Ted:
Did you just out Carmelita Salami-Climber as Kristen Cavallari?

Dear Keep Climbing:
Did I? Don't think so. Cav has abandoned her naughty before for the domesticated life of a football fiancé. I've heard she's been on her best behavior. At least for now, that is.

Dear Ted:
Pretend we could marry two people, who are a couple, at once. Which couple would you do, ditch or marry? Couples: Will and Jada, Angelina and Brad and Gisele and Tom. Oh and why!? Totally off the subject, what is occupying your oral fancy while you quit the cigs? Mine was gummi bears...and consequently about 10 pounds.

Dear Game On:
Well, of course I'm going to need to get in on some of that Brangelina bedroom action—I can only imagine (and hear whispers of, of course) what goes on behind those closed doors. I guess I'd say marry Tom and Gisele, just 'cause they're the least Vicey and that's what you're supposed to look for in spouses...right? Ditch the obvious. Oh, and my current evil's ice cream. Three added pounds later (and counting), help!

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