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She scorched the big screen as a Na'vi warrior and even shared a steamy hookup with a young Mr. Spock. Now she's donning skintight body suits and kicking ass as a tough-as-nails assassin. But she can't keep up that tough facade forever. Sooner or later a classic Alias star is going to break down those defenses.

Who could it be?

It's Zoe Saldana!




The sexy star is unleashing a wave of vengeance in her newest flick, Colombiana. She plays a woman who moulds herself in a cold, calculating killing machine after witnessing her parents' murder as a child. Sure, she's an assassin for hire, but really she's all about scoring payback on the thugs who scarred her when she was a kid.

Yeah, she's got a pretty tough exterior. But if anyone can crack it, Michael Vartan can! In a role eerily similar to his turn as Vaughn on Alias, Vartan's all soft eyes and understanding tones as he tries to coax out some vulnerability from the smoldering killer.

You just can't keep your guard up forever against that. Precision roundhouse kicks can only vent so much pent-up emotion.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

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