Brad Womack, the Bachelor

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The casting call is out, America, and The Bachelor needs you.

So it can start looking like America. All of it.


See, The Bachelor and its sibling, The Bachelorette, have a shared problem that has nothing to do with cooties in the hot tub.

When asked this past week by Entertainment Weekly why the two series respectively have never, ever had a non-white star, the franchises' creator Mike Fleiss responded by saying non-white candidates just "don't come forward."

(Well, actually, the first thing Fleiss did was make a joke—or maybe it wasn't a joke—that incoming Bachelorette Ashley Hebert was perhaps "1/16th Cherokee Indian.")

In any case, the poor Bachelor and Bachelorette long have been taken to task for their whiteness. But this time, a Hollywood insider joined the fray, with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan jumping all over Fleiss' comment. 

As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Ryan, who, for what it's worth, is white, like Fleiss, took to Twitter to accuse the dating shows of practicing "straight up racism."

"They just don't think America will watch black bachelor or root for mixed-race marriage," the tweet continued.

Went another: "As if they couldn't go and recruit minorities to be on show."

Well, the thought occurs, maybe they can't.

Maybe they can't go and recruit minorities.

Maybe they don't know any.

Now, how a production team wouldn't know any minorities in a nation that boasts more than 50 million African-American and Asian-Americans alone, is unknown, but these things happen.

Especially when you're not exactly the most popular show among minority TV viewers.

Well, you see how the vicious cycle turns…

So, America, this is where you can help.

Here's the link for casting info on the upcoming 16th season of The Bachelor.

Take a gander at the eligibility requirements, try not to worry about the part that asks you to accept the show may expose you to the "risk of death, serious injury, illness or disease," not to mention the likelihood of a broken engagement, and sign on up.

Introduce yourself. Come forward, as it were.

When it comes to diversity, after all, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are just a little shy.

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