Think you need to have movie-star good looks to have a chance with Vanessa Hudgens? Well, they won't hurt, but they're in no way what it's all about it. The real key is personality.

We caught up with the star of Beastly at the film's big Hollywood premiere presented by Candie's and got the inside info on what she's really looking for in a guy...

"It's a little bit of both," she told us when we asked the single lady what was more important to her, looks or personality.

"Somebody could be extremely good-looking, but if they don't have a personality to match, it doesn't matter. It truly is what's on the inside."

Did you hear that? That was a collective sigh of relief from the average Joes across the world. Hey it's tough out there when your competing against guys like Vanessa's costar Alex Pettyfer.

Check out the video to hear more from Hudgens on her starring role and a sampling of her British accent.

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