Blind Vice diva

Last time we checked in on poor Strippa Rip-Ya, the usually outspoken babe had told her close pals that she was staying with that abusive man of hers, Caesar Anchovy-Arse, because he only beats her occasionally and it's "not that bad."

So sad, because Strippa's friends have been too scared to tell her to leave the schmuck.

But is there hope? Now more Industry acquaintances of SRY's have now taken notice of her weird dynamic with Caesar...

At a photo shoot for S recently, we're told by sources on set that they were "incredibly uncomfortable" when her husband popped in for an unexpected visit.

Controlling much? You bet.

See, Caesar rarely lets Strippa go anywhere without him. Anywhere. Notice the watchdog pattern developing here? No relationship with that kind of dynamic is healthy—as you don't have to just hit somebody to abuse them.

Apparently Mr. Arse showed up to the photo shoot when it started, around 7 a.m., cracked open a Pabst Blue Ribbon and started getting drunk.

"He would shout horrible things at everyone, including [Strippa]," our insider tells us. "He was brash, rude, and it made everyone awkward."

Dude's clearly super jealous his career remains stagnant while Strippa's is super hot again. Meanwhile, Strippa just stood there silent, taking any jab he threw her way, which is pretty much what she always does these days.

Hopefully her team, who witnessed this, has the balls enough to say—and finally do--something. At what point will her "friends" start worrying about her very well-being, already?

It may be unpleasant to bring it up, but isn't her life more important?

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