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It's almost Valentine's Day, and for Hollywood, that means love is in the...dumps?

But seriously, first Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, and now we hear that our favorite California Gurl may be in trouble, as well? Life & Style, the same mag that has been saying Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on the cusp of breaking up for the past 232 years (and issues), insists that Russell Brand and Katy Perry may not be the lovebirds they once were this V Day. 

But are the adorable couple really headed toward divorce doom?

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Not so fast. 

While the duo may be hitting a rocky patch, they are doing the most un-Hollywood thing about it and hiring a counselor, says Life.

Rumors are swirling, just weeks before K.P. kicks off her tour, that she turned to friends asking for marriage counselor recommendations. 

True, the couple will be spending tons of time apart very soon as Katy begins her worldwide tour Feb. 20, and Russell is busy filming the remake of Arthur

But does the counselor foreshadow splitsville?

Uh, we sure hope not!

"Katy knew exactly what she was getting into when she married Russell," says a friend of the singer, who insists her good chum did not have any naïve notions that lady-killer Russell would suddenly become all Brad Pitt-like and overly domesticated when they married.

"Katy's a realist," added the Perry pal, who refused to say if she knew of any marriage counseling attempts.

Also, we might add not only is Katy on top of her game, in every capacity, she's also no shrinking violet. She's always dishing about the "work" that goes into a marriage, and she gushes about Russell every chance she gets. 

Maybe Katy is so smart, she's going where no starlet has gone before and taking the right steps to keep her marriage strong, forever? What a notion!

We just say this babe knows what she's doing, so if counseling's what it takes, more power to her.

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