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Put away the Veritaserum (that's truth serum, for you muggles) 'cause we're not afraid to admit that we were in full-on Potterhead mode last weekend. And between our second and third screenings of the flick, we missed a H.P. casting goodie.

So we were très bewitched to learn that one of our fave Harry Potter hotties (and Twitter sensation) Tom Felton landed a part in a new flickbut not just any old movie.

Tom will be starring opposite James Franco in Rise of the Apes (yep, the sequel to Planet of the Apes). So are you excited to see Draco Malfoy ditch his wand for some serious monkey biz?

We are!

One of you frequent bitchers asked which cast would last longer in the acting industry: the H.P. kiddos or the Twilight gang? And we 'fessed that only time will tell 'cause the wizarding world babes hadn't stepped out of the franchise too much.

Well now that H.P. is coming to an end (only one more installment—doesn't that break your Hogwarts-loving heart?), the cast is going to start nabbing roles that don't require them to know how to ride a broomstick.

And Tom is leading the pack with a very interesting part.

Sure, it's another big box-office fantasy film, but think of it this way: Tom will be spending a lot of downtime between takes chatting with James Franco.

And we're sure J.F. will give T.F. some tips on how to diversify his career. Which means we may be seeing Tom take on stoner flicks or soap opera stints soon. Heck, he might even star in his very own Blind Vice.

Wonder what it will be—something sexy, we're sure.

So does that casting conquest get your wizarding wand all hot and bothered, or do you want James to keep his cuckoo crazy career to himself?

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