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    Bonus Blind: She-Devil Dees Gives Great Headline!

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    The only thing that makes us the slightest bit reluctant to write this Bonus Blind is the fact that She-Devil Dees (whom this Vice is about) will have an orgasm over it. That's what sex truly means to this arguably pretty honey: Nothing gets her off better than an article with her name in it.

    Which is precisely why She-Devil saw to it that someone tipped off the media when...

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    She dated Hornius Thighs, one of Hollywood's hottest stud-muffins. Hornious never quite understood why the press was always waiting for them whenever he and She-D went on a date—no matter where they went. But Hornious finally got the clue and ditched the finagling double-dee broad.

    So, Ms. Dees was then forced to move on to Jerry Rock-Butt. You remember: He's a multitalented somewhat good-looking boy and he succumbed to She-Devil's man machinations, as his girlfriend is about as boring as Justin Timberlake's love life these days.

    (Men are so weak.)

    Again, She-Devil arranged—in really not that clandestine a fashion—for details of her assignation with Jerry to get leaked to the media. But this time she did something different: She wouldn't comment about the affair when asked.

    She-Devil, who wants to be as famous as they come, noticed this mouth-shut approach was the fancy way big stars acted when the media asked them about their personal affairs. So, that's what She-Devil decided to do.

    She caught on that the "no comment" thing actually looked like a huge comment, as far as the appearance of the hookup goes. At least to the press.

    And that's all that matters to She-Devil.

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