Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel, along with Eva Mendes and Rachel Weisz, premiered their short films in Hollywood last night at the Glamour Reel Moments event.

The gals each directed a short based on inspiring stories about women, and the carpet was buzzing, despite one man being noticeably absent: Justin Timberlake.

After everything of his Jessica has come to—including his benefit concert in Vegas this past Saturday—why was Justin (who was in town) a no-show at her big premiere?

J.T. was at The Hollywood Awards also taking place in L.A., and it turned out that wasn't the worst thing for the couple.

A source close to the still-together duo explained that The Social Network star didn't want to the steal the thunder from Jess in front of the press. "It was her night."

But then he rushed to be by his babes side later in the evening. Love!

After Jess' directorial debut screened, she and Justin hit up Chateau Marmont for the afterparty together, where Timberlake played his most convincing role to date.

"They were together the whole night," says an eyewitness to the nonstop canoodling. "Justin played the supportive boyfriend very well."

Glad to hear it, seeing as Biel certainly has tagged along for all of Timberlake's gigs.

"They were really cute, hugging and kissing the entire time." Such affection is a nice change from some of the sour-puss pap shots we see when they're together.

And can't say we totally blame Justin for skipping out on the movie.

While we give Jess an A for effort, her flick Sodales—about two warrior princesses battling an evil leader for the sacred key that secures their freedom—wasn't our fave of the three.

You'd think after battling Scarlett Johansson and winning over Justin and Justin's mom it would have been a tad more realistic.

More on the fab night tomorrow!

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