Eva Mendes, Demi Moore

Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com

Demi Moore left husband Ashton Kutcher at home last night as she celebrated Glamour's Reel Moments, a series of short films directed by Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel and Rachel Weisz.

Demi's an alum of the annual event, and she was overheard saying how excited she was to see the films while on her way into the Director's Guild Theater in L.A.

Later on, she seemed to be having a serious conversation at the afterparty...

Demi, wearing specs and her wedding ring, was deep in conversation with a writer of one of the short films on the patio of Chateau Marmont.

"She seemed upset," an onlooker remarked of the conversation. "Then she said, 'On a brighter note, your movie was great!'"

Demi was also spotted chatting with Eva Mendes at the bash and posted on her Twitter about the evening.

"Celebrating this years Glamour Reel Moments directorial debuts of 3 amazing women Jessica Biel Eva Mendes & Rachel Weisz! Great work ladies!" she wrote.

Even though Demi was out solo last night, she'll be making a public appearance with Ashton next week. The do-gooding duo is presenting next Sunday at the Freedom Awards.

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