Diane Keaton

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Trick or Treat Says: "Sorry, kids, no candy. These are only candy wrappers on my dress!"


Calling all couture cops—it's YOU Write 'Em Up time!

The Perp: Diane Keaton in Marni, at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills

Sure, Diane has a fun, kooky sense of style, but usually that translates into men's tuxedos and funky hats, not crazy craft projects like this. The actress's shapeless dress seems to have been made of candy wrappers—and the poor thing looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sweetie, we hope you don't go back for a second helping of this.

What do you think of the Oscar-winning star's gobble-gobble getup? Write a clever caption below and we'll post our favorite here and on our Facebook page.

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