David Arquette, Jasmine Waltz

Christopher Polk/Getty Images; Ramey

"He's doing fine."

Neve Campbell, rather matter-of-factly, when we asked her at the Scream Awards how her Scream 4 costar David Arquette has been doing since his separation from Courteney Cox

All eyes were on David as he made his first public appearance, and leave it to him to upstage Kristen Stewart's last-minute arrival. He's clearly doing it in a much classier way than Jasmine Waltz.

Jasmine was rewarded for her slutty celeb conquests by joining the likes of Miley Cyrus and getting her own shake named after her at Million's of Milkshakes.

The title of her concoction? "Jasmine's Sinful Shake."

So glad David's seen the error of his ways and ditched the babe…at least we hope. If she ends up getting hired at Beacher's Madhouse, the new hot-spot David's opening, we'll have no choice but to lose all respect for a dude who really is a good guy.

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